Digital Marketing Key words

The basics of Digital Marketing is easy to understand and use it for hashtagPersonalBranding.

Google teaches on the subject of digital marketing: How ‘key search words’ are important for you to build a brand through


The key search words make possible to search you as a brand by followers; prospects; clients & customers.

Write top 5 hashtagMyKeyWords; describing you well

You are the best brand ambassador for your company;

Believe us these best keywords will help to promote you online, as a strong BRAND. Need brand promotion.

Keyword and website speed for digital marketing

A visitor came to meet you at your premises. After doorbell. How much time she has to wait before opening the door and get a welcome greeting from you. “SPEEDY RESPONSE” You heard the expression “You get one chance to make the first impression. Right. Recently, I met with few business owners and informed them to check their website, it was not working and they made a sorry face and informed me, they will look into it. Google teaches hashtagDigital Marketing lessons: This happens to your website visitor as well, she came to your website (as your premises) “SPEEDY PAGE LOAD” You visit your premises almost daily, but many don’t visit their website, please visit it is also a tool for your hashtagBRAND. This time if you do this, please check it on your mobile phone with data connection (not by normal internet connection) and find out speed – your pages take too long to load. If yes, ask us to check your SPEED for free on page speed insight. If you know hashtagMyKeyWords and observe your website, we assure you, you can give suggestions to improve it. Do not think, you need an expert for improvement.

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