Website Optimisation & Design

First Step Of Digital Marketing Of Your Business:

Building The Ultimate Sales Website

website-optimization-designThis is the starting line of Digital Marketing race. This is the more of a marathon then a sprint but as the saying goes.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"

Just get started with a decent website of your business or company.

Make small improvements when you need to, as your traffic grows and builds over a long haul.

Check at your competition to see what kind of look their website have. 

Take notes of what you like and what you don't.

Take a look at company websites in different sectors.

Is there anything you like on those sites that your competitors aren't utilising.

Now ask yourself a question...who are you?

What makes you unique in the world?

What's your personality?

Perfect look of you and your business is a combination of all these things.

It Should Be A Reflection Of What Makes You Unique In This World


Your website needs to be easy to move around.

Your visitors want to quickly find what They are looking for.

Once they come to your site and you are able to answer their questions and show them what they need.

Customers may want the answers to other questions as well.

So make it easy as possible for them.

Interlink within your posts to other posts at the beginning, at various places in the middle and also at the end.

Essentially be plugging your other content without being overboard.

Lay out your navigation bar logically and make sure that your most popular pages are highlighted.

This will get people clicking around your site, which looks good to google, which looks great to your bottom line.

  1. landing pages and sales pages in digital marketing Landing Pages And Sales Pages 

A landing page is where your visitor enters your site and a sales page is where you offer to sell them something and they make the choice to buy or not.

The two aren't necessarily the same thing, although they can be

It depends on what you are promoting, and whether your potential visitors are likely to be offended with a gentle sales message as soon as they get to your website and so on.

will customer find you , just google it

In Conclusion:

The key is to start getting your website out there.

A perfect site doesn't exists. But imperfect sites make money every single day if they get traffic.

So to start business through digital media and Online Marketing is to make websites that matches your personality and get going.