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If your website is going to be successful, your going to have friendly with the search engines nobody knows exactly what search engines want from your pages to give them a good ranking, and the methods they use are always being tweaked, so what can u do to ingratiate yourself with google the best approach is simply to build a good website to build a good website with relevant content. Trying to “trick” google into giving you a better ranking could end in tears because the search engine giant has got very good at spotting all the underhand methods used over the years

Google will favour well-structured and standards comp lined code, waiting for the relevance of your content to the user’s search terms by taking into consideration what is represented in HTML markup, heading tags and paragraphs. the way u structure your content will reflect how search engines are able to determine its relevance.

Remember that search engines also index images and video content marking these elements with alternate tags and relevant headings can also serve to help drive traffic

Clear and descriptive page titles – the text contained in the <title> tags, which is shown on your browser tab – are helpful for people navigating your pages, but they are also used when your pages are listed in search engines.

You should remember that these titles are what the end users see in there search results , so it is important not to just fill the title emblement with keywords relevant to your content, but to accurately and concisely note that Google will only display the first 66 characters of your title- describe what they can express when they visit your page. Search engine crawlers will also take a look at all the content on your page and see how often particular works or phases appear compared to the total no. of words on the page. So, if your website is all about digital marketing u want to make sure u want to include keywords like “ SEO, Social media marketing, digital marketing” in your content

Keyword density was once a more factor in how search engine ranked pages, but it is far less important now. this is because people began to stuff too many keywords into there text in a bid to artificially boost their position, so don’t go overboard with your keywords or you could end up being penalised-anything over 5 % density for a particular word or phrase might be considered “spamming”. You can check keyword density using online tools like www.seobay.com/tools/keyowrds/density-checker

How quickly your page downloads might also be a factor considered by search engine, so be as efficient as possible check the ratio of text to HMTL because the more actual content there is compared to code the better- aim for anything more than 20 % optimize images, keep scripts and styles in separate files and don’t try to jam too much content onto one page the search engine crawlers will give up reading if it is too long , so any useful content at the foot of the page might be missed

Google insights for search lets u compare search patterns across specific regions and categories to help u identify the keywords u need to target www.google.com/insights/search/#

Word clouds can also be a useful way to assess your content the larger the text, more frequently the world appears.

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