Digital Marketing is a holistic (complete) approach to primarily digital age, SEO is also becoming more and more a holistic website experience for user.

If you want to sell online, you need to have a good website with good SEO backing up.


SEO can be defined as the things you do for the pages on your website so that they are found by Google and to ensure that they show in the top 10 results when people search for something related to your business.

This in turn brings you a lot of traffic and depending on how valuable those key words actually are, this can then turn in bring new customers and clients.

This is pretty awesome it is not the only way that your customers find their way to your door/ website.

To sum it all up there are two main aspects of your site that you need to keep in mind when developing it:  First you need to think about your onsite goals- this means that you site need to load quickly, look good and be logically laid out so people can find your content in the easiest and quickest manner as possible.

Next your site needs every page to be in some way related to your site’s overall theme and every page needs to be optimized for just one key word phrase.

Third you need to take care of your off page criteria- to come on Google you need to create links and real power is by getting authority links pointing to your website and your pages. authorities are websites and pages that Google deems highly trustworthy on your subject matter.


  • Create your own authority site. How can you do this?

  • Create pages on something that Google sees as an authority already.

  • The best site for this right now is You Tube and another one is Google+. There are few others out there but these two are the most effective.

  • Create a business page on Google+ Then post good You Tube videos using the same account. send links to those videos and you will be amazed at the authority boost you will get now that these two authorities pages are linking you.

  • Get fast landing well designed website.

  • Create great content that your customers and potential customers will love. that meets a need they have

  • Become active in your niche and area if you are a local business and reach out to the established people around you to start getting links and traffic, comment on other blogs in your niche and leave your link.

IMPORTANT TIPS OF SEO GUIDE:SEO guiding tips for digital marketing

  1. We see that search engines are looking for great user experience. So what does this mean for  you and your business?

  2. First step is your website’s HTML code – the mark-up language used to build web pages- should be fully validated with W3C standards.

  3. Your website should load as fast as possible and should look good. Load time can be improved by getting good quality web hosting.

  4. Keep your web pages file sizes as small as possible to help load quickly and your images should also be optimised for the web.

  5. W3C compliance and load speed can both be covered by using content management system like WordPress and getting a good premium theme from them that matches your business and goals.

  6. As Google need a website with refreshed content, A blog should be recommended on website to make it a refreshed content and a dynamic website.

  7. The search engines all tend to prefer new and timely content, so the more often new content added to your site, the more the search engines will like it. and the more they will add your new pages to their databases and then increases the chances of your website being shown to someone looking for what you offer.