Promote your website – Why promotion is essential?

Promote your website-Digital Marketing

Promote your website:

Having a great looking website with engaging content is no good if nobody knows its there. Even the most average of websites can attract thousands of visitors if it gets its marketing right.

The trouble is that marketing is possibly the most difficult aspect of website design and management, particularly you are stating from scratch the old adage” If you build it they will come” is rarely true and you will have to put a considerable time and effort into promoting your website if you want to succeed.

You will be off to a good start if you have followed advice offered in our other blogs. Once your site is established you will be relying on google to bring you much of your traffic and search engines love clean, well structured, standards compline code as well as clear and relevant content.

Take some time to plan how you are going let the world know about your website when it launches there are many simple and free methods to promote your site, such as using social media sites like Facebook twitter and LinkedIn and submitting to free directories you need to get links to your site in as many places as possible.

although you can promote your site pretty well without spending a penny, it is often worth paying for targeted marketing both online and offline.

Whatever you , don’t do nothing  and when your site is up and running don’t just sit back and admire your work-you will need to keep promoting your site to keep the people coming there are software packages too help u identify how u can best optimize your pages and promote your site check out the comprehensive but privacy search matrix suite at or traffic Travis at which also has a free version available.

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