How To Promote Your Website Offline

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Your promotion activity does not have to be limited to the online world; traditional marketing can be just as effective. 

If your business has local focus, targeting local newspapers and circulars can be an effective way of leading people to your website of giving you a call. trade or special interest publications are also worth looking at – advertise where your audience is likely to be looking.

prices will vary widely depending on where you are and how large circultion is, but weigh up how many leads you would need to get from the ads to cover the costs. make your ads look professional and offer incentives like special offers for readers to help lure people to your site. 

get your web address out there wherever you can – may be a bumper sticker on your call or a sign outside your home or office. consider distributing flyers at relevant locations and link up with other local businesses offering related products and services. for example, if you provide garden landscaping services, get a local builder to pass on your business cards to his clients. 

check our your local business enterprise and see if there are any events you can go along to where you might meet potential clients ” business breakfast” gatherings at 7 a. m. aren’t every ones idea of fun, but this kind of networking is very effective if you manage to get yourself in with the local business community. 

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