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Indexing Your site:

As long as your site is linked from a page somewhere on the web, search engine spiders should find an index your site soon enough, but there is no harm in giving them a helping hand to make sure that all your pages are indexed accurately

Submission of site to search engines:

You can submit a URL address to google at and to Microsoft’s Bing at sitepage.aspx

Sitemap submission:`

You should have a site map on your site so that search engines can easily crawl and index your pages accordingly, but you should also submit XML sitemaps to google. To do this you need to sign up to google webmaster tools at

Creating XML sitemap:

Creating an XML site map is simple- all you need is a normal text editor like notepad, and you just list all the URLs of your pages with the appropriate tags that the search engines will read and recognize for more information on how to create sitemaps see , but the easiest way is to use online services like or install the appropriate plugin for your content management system

Submission of sitemaps:

Once created , your sitemap needs to be copied to your webspace and then submitted using webmaster tools if you have many pages it is worth creating and submitting multiple sitemaps for different themes , although make sure they all have different names and don’t repeat the same links if your site changes, be sure to update the relevant sitemaps and submit them

Creation of Robot.txt

There might also be content that you don’t want search engines to index for example you might have copyrighted images that your don’t want to appear on an image search you can create exclusions using robot.txt file which can be generated using webmaster tools this file need to sit on your top levelwebs directory and then search robots will check it before indexing your pages

Google webmaster tools:

Google webmaster tools provides lots of data about your search engine performance and will highlight any issues with your pages you can see how google crawls and indexes your site, how many people found your site in the search results and who is linking to you. You can then use this information to optimise these pages further

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