Content Planning for SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO Content planning If your website was a building. then content is the foundation that make the website go the distance. Not just ordinary content but great content.

Why? Because this is what your website visitors really want, They don’t really care about your super click graphics, of your sci-fi looking interface. They want the answer to their question. they want information they can use.

If you give it to them, You will be rewarded by Google for it. so not only do you want good content , you want good content that will match your ideal customers needs and desires. if you do it well, you will meet your visitors needs and desires at a stage before they want to buy from you.

You also want as much as possible every page of your site to be optimised at least for one key word. Even it is a key word that is only searched 100 times a month. every page should have some key phrases that you are trying to win for.

Content Marketing for seo u0026amp; digital marketing

This requires a Content plan

  1. first do a bit of thinking about what your visitors want. This is the key at this point, Don’t think about what you would want but what your visitors wants. These will often be two different things. You are the expert in this area and as such you have lot more knowledge then your visitors.
  2. Next think about what your customers search for before they come to you. take the ideas for content and load them into the google keyword planner tool. this gives you bunch of additional ideas as it will split out the related keywords to phrases that you already have in mind.
  3. Make your content high quality and every last word worth reading :

Some Ideas are:

  • Videos: these are hugely advantageous when used creatively. videos are great and can really drive people to your site.
  • Informative text content, ideally over 1000 words long .
  • High quality images like infographics – use these as much as possible to explain what you do or an important aspect of your niche.
  • Case studies of clients or customers that show their success with your product / service.
  • A well designed running site with a blog.


Create great content that your customers will love that meets a need they have