6 Important things if you want to create a business website yourself

6 Important things if you want to create a business website yourself

6 Important things if you want to create a business website yourselfImportant things if you want to create a business website yourself

If you have decided to do it yourself but are not a hard-core developer. You can make things a little easier by using a content management system like wordpress. It is still requires a lot of work to build a website of your dreams, but you might not need to get your hands dirty with the code. There is huge amount of support our there to get your started, for example, www.wpbegineer.com

  1. Building a website on your own can seem like an attractive prospect. You don’t have to pay anyone else for a start, but you also know you have complete control over it. On the other hand it is rarely a painless process and getting it wrong could be embarrassing or worse. Before embarking on web project, be sure you have all the knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed. Although the basics of HTML and CSS are pretty simple to pick up, things can soon get tricky when you look to add dynamic elements or databases.
  2. Graphic design, copywriting and marketing are also essential elements of any web project and take much time and effort to get right. Anyone can make a website, but not so many people can make one that works well in all areas.
  3. If you are an amateur web designer or complete novice, think twice before setting off alone on a website that affects your livelihood. If you run a business that you think really needs an online presence. It is much better to pay a professional to help you realise exactly what you want.

The trouble is where do you start? There is thousands of suppliers out there with very different degrees of size, quality and cost.

  1. You might get quote varying Rs. 10000/- to 50000/- for exactly the same piece of work so you need to be realistic about what you can expect for the piece you are prepared to pay. Larger agencies charging at the higher end should be a professional job, but they might not always be flexible. One man bands doing it for pocket money in their spare time might not have the capacity or expertise to give you all you need.
  2. It is always best to act on a recommendation, if you can, but should out if few possible suppliers and try to talk to someone face-to-face or over the phone to get a feel for whether they are someone you can work with. Look at their portfolios to see what they have done before and see if it fits with what you are trying to do.


Whether you are doing it all yourself or bringing people in, you still need to think about all the elements of website, (please read upcoming blogs for each element) before you get started on your web project. If you do the research plan it out, and decide what you need before you start, everything will go far more smoothly.


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