365 Ideas doing Digital Marketing An Introduction

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Hello my fellow marketing Warriors…

Whether you like it or not it is very much war out there. That makes you warrior and that means you need this blog to read.

This blog is what I consider essential basic training for every small or big business owner or department manager before they hope to track deeper into the marketing woods.

Its not our parents world any more where direct mail TV commercials and billboards rule. Now we have to adapt changes and changes and change fast ourselves. Especially in the area of Digital marketing.

More than just the blogs gives you the details of all the topics you will need:

  • Search Engine optimisation- SEO

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Paid advertising on Google / Face book

  • Creating Website that makes Sales

and more …( Lots of tips and tricks from digital marketing strategies , email marketing, content writing, PPC, Display marketing, article writing and blogging).

All right, enough metaphors and feel good stuff. let’s get cracking and, first of all, lets deal with the most pivotal point of the whole equation, your Website because that’s almost certainly where you will be sending your all traffic to.

does it make the grade? let’s find out more about Digital Marketing tips and tricks….

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